The importance of proper projection of Nazrul

শনিবার, ২৭ আগস্ট ২০১৬

27 August 2016 Renowned Nazrul Sangeet exponent Dalia Nausheen, with her mellifluous voice, renders diverse genres of Nazrul's songs including raga-based classics, kavyageeti, kirtan, adhunik and folk numbers. Dalia Nausheen, daughter of eminent architect Muzharul Islam, began her musical training at Chhayanaut under eminent Nazrul exponents Sudhin Das, Sheikh Lutfur Rahman and Sohrab Hossain. Dalia Nausheen joined Bangladesh Mukti Sangrami Shilpi Sangstha during the War of Liberation, and inspired millions with her voice raising funds for the refugee camps and boosting the morale of Freedom Fighters. The artiste has recently talked to The Daily Star and shared her thoughts and evaluation and current state of Nazrul Sangeet Practice in Bangladesh. Excerpts:

“We are unable to educate our sons and daughters about the essence of our rich culture. Children now have an aversion to cultural practices. They are rather busy with technology and social media. I was baptized in music at 5 under Sudhin Das. Cultural practice should start at home. The role of schools comes next. Great initiatives by mass media and different organisations like Nazrul Institute and Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy seem to have shrunk.”

“I can remember the congenial cultural atmosphere that prevailed in our family. Many of our relatives would visit during weekends and my parents would inspire us to perform on a makeshift stage in our drawing room. I along with my cousins Sadya, Lubna, Naila would instantly dance and sing. Saad Bhaiya could perform a parody song and many of us would perform skits.”

“Becoming a singer requires indomitable spirit and passion, ceaseless practice, inspiration and recognition. Present day singers seem to have little patience. Private TV channels are busy showing the singers off.”

“I think Nazrul is a victim of politics. As a proponent of humanity, love and righteousness, Nazrul was a voice for the people of all classes especially the downtrodden. He was an emblem of communal harmony and spoke for social parity. Yet, we are representing the National Poet mistakenly. Many also create the idea that Nazrul Sangeet is very hard to learn. Popular Nazrul singers are busy with their own publicity; they are not concerned about holding the image of Nazrul high. Those who are the core people of Nazrul Sangeet and research are not in the limelight.”

“Nazrul was very open and would compose many songs in three ways and asserted upon singers to follow the best one. At present, his compositions are being stuck in staff notations and in the lesser popular original tunes. I believe in performing songs in three ways and retain the one that the audience accepts warmly.  How can I entertain my young audience otherwise?”

“I would like to pay my musical homage to Kazi Nazrul Islam by practising his songs till the end of my life. I have already opened a Nazrul cell along with a research centre at my home. To change society, to cultivate the beauty and justice in society, we have no other alternative than Nazrul.”

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