SC scraps review pleas of eight including four former BNP ministers

বুধবার, ১৩ এপ্রিল ২০১৬
13 April 2016 The Supreme Court has turned down pleas by eight people, including four former BNP ministers, for the review of a verdict scrapping their acquittal by the High Court.

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The Appellate Division has rejected review petitions by former communications minister Nazmul Huda and his wife Sigma Huda, former state minister for manpower Amanullah Aman and his wife Sabera Aman, former state minister for aviation Mir Nasir and his son Mir Helal, and former BNP lawmaker from Comilla Engineer Manjurul Ahsan.

Meanwhile, the apex court disposed of a similar plea by former state minister for power Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku.

They will now have to go through the process of fresh High Court hearings against their conviction for corruption by the trial court.

The orders were issued on Wednesday by the four-member appeals bench led by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha.


Nazmul Huda

Nazmul Huda

All cases were filed by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) during the 2007-08 rule of a military-backed caretaker regime and tried in special judges courts set up at the National Parliament complex.

The Hudas

Charges of taking Tk 24 million as bribes were brought against the lawyer couple.

In August 2007, the court delivered its verdict sentencing Nazmul Huda to seven years in prison and slapping a fine of Tk 25 million.

His wife Sigma got a three-year jail term.

The couple moved High Court, which acquitted them of the charges in March 2011.

Following the ACC’s appeal, the Supreme Court, in December 2014, scrapped the High Court verdict and ordered fresh hearing.

They petitioned for a review of the order but it was rejected on Wednesday.

Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku

Under the emergency regime, in 2007, Tuku was sentenced to nine years in prison after a Dhaka court found him guilty of concealing information regarding assets worth Tk 49.61 million.


Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku

Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku

He later moved High Court and was, in June 2011,  acquitted of the charges brought against him by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

In 2014, the Appellate Division scrapped the High Court verdict following a petition by the ACC.

The court then ordered a fresh hearing of Tuku’s appeal against the trial court’s verdict.

Wednesday’s order means Tuku, who served as the state minister for power between 2001 and 2006, has to go through the process of challenging his conviction all over again.



The Amans

BNP Joint Secretary General Amanullah Aman and his wife were charged with the withholding of asset information and acquisition of wealth beyond known sources of income.

In June 2007, the court sentenced Aman to 10 years imprisonment, while his wife got three years.

But the couple was acquitted by the High Court in August 2010.

However, the Supreme Court quashed the acquittal order in May 2014, ordering fresh hearings of their appeals against the trial court’s verdict.



Mir Nasir and Mir Helal

The ACC brought charges of hiding wealth details and the acquiring of assets beyond known sources of income against the former state minister for aviation and his son.

In July 2007, the court found them guilty and delivered a 13-year prison sentence for Mir Nasir, while his son was given three years.

The two were acquitted of the charges by the High Court in 2010.

The ACC moved against the verdict and, in 2014, it was overturned by the apex court, which ordered a fresh High Court hearing.

Manjurul Ahsan Munshi

The former MP from Comilla was charged with the acquiring of assets worth Tk 65.53 million beyond known income sources.

Charges were also pressed against his wife and two sons.

The court found the BNP leader guilty and ordered a 13-year jail term. Charges against the other members of the family were not proven.

He was acquitted by the High Court, but the Appellate Division quashed the verdict after hearing an appeal by the ACC.

The top court has ordered a fresh hearing of Munshi’s appeal in the High Court against the trial court verdict.

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