Bangladesh water resource minister in Delhi to talk on Teesta

শনিবার, ১৪ নভেম্বর ২০১৫
14 November 2015 Bangladesh Water Resource Minister Anisul Islam Mahmud arrives in New Delhi on Saturday evening for a crucial talk on Teesta water sharing and other relevant issues with his Indian counterpart Uma Bharati.

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A senior diplomatic official in the Bangladesh High Commission told that the much hyped meeting between the water resources ministers of both countries will take place on Monday.

“Immediately after the meeting, Mahmud will leave for Dhaka,” the official said.

As this is not a political visit, Mahmud will not meet any other Indian leadership, the official said.

Mahmud’s three-day visit comes shortly after the handing over of top Assamese separatist leader Gopal Barua alias Anup Chetia to India.

The process of handing over Chetia to Indian authorities was facilitated by the personal interference of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh premier Sheikh Hasina.

“Now, it is New Delhi’s turn to reciprocate by clearing the Teesta water sharing agreement,” the Bangladesh high commission official, who did not wish to be named, said.

During his recent visit to Dhaka, Modi had assured Hasina of steps to pass the Teesta water sharing agreement.

Government sources say that India’s central government later held talks with stakeholders of the Teesta water sharing agreement, including the West Bengal government.

Until then, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had been opposing the water sharing agreement.

“It is now the Government of India’s responsibility to pass the Teesta water sharing agreement,” the official of the Bangladesh high commission said.

Teesta water is crucial for Bangladesh, especially between December and March, when the water flow often temporarily comes down from 5,000 cusecs to less than 1,000 cusecs.

Significantly, the Winter Session of the Indian Parliament will start after Nov 19 and the ruling NDA government just may take all the stakeholders on board during this session.

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