You have to love what you do: Azra Mahmood

সোমবার, ১৩ জুলাই ২০১৫

13 July 2015 Mahmood, one of the top models of the country, has been around in the glamour world for 15years.  She spoke to The Daily Star about what it takes to be a model.

What made you a model?

Azra: I always loved to see the people on the ramp, especially when I watched F TV. The complete focus of the models on their walk, they aura they exuded and their perfection was like an adrenaline rush for me and brought me here. I wanted to be the epitome of flawless beauty like them.

What is the first step to becoming a model?

Azra: You have to love what you do. You really cannot take up modelling as a profession, especially in our country. But you need to be passionate and dedicated, you have to have charisma, show your potential and zeal to be in this glamour world And most importantly you need to be prompt and punctual.

Is it necessary to be a part of the ramp?

Azra: When we say “model,” it usually means a ramp model. But in this continent, we have this distinction of ramp model and TVC models.


Any tips for aspiring models?

Azra: Modelling does not mean just to be a part of the glamour world but also means staying beautiful and healthy. This is what we forget once we come in the limelight. Models need to know how to keep fit by working out and looking after their skin. That's why a healthy diet is so important.

Your best experience as a model?

Azra: In our country we don't have fashion shows. The few shows we have are not very professionally done. I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from the better fashion shows I have done.

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