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শনিবার, ০৬ জুন ২০১৫

06 June 2015 Let's start a little differently today. If you were an interviewer, what would you ask the person?

Well, it depends on the person I am interviewing, right? What are the things that the audience doesn't know about that person? I would emphasize on that.

Let's say you are interviewing me. What would you ask?

I would definitely want to know what runs through your head when you are interviewing. Is it like, “All right, today my mission is to extract all the information out of her, by any means necessary?” What are the questions that revolve around your head?

A lot of questions come into mind. To be honest, I love getting to know people. And, a happy and cheerful face is uplifting to see and to talk to. Meanwhile, the audience is always excited about celebrities and their lives; at the same time, many celebrities try to create buzz in the media for their own sake. Where do you fit in this situation?

When it comes to my personal life, I am quite mum. I haven't let myself become an open book. I'm a very private person. I want that when the media is talking about me, it should stick to my work.

Tell us about your first movie.

The film is called 'Putro Ekhon Paisawala' and was directed by Nargis Akhter. It was released in a time when there were hartals and blockades every day. And at the same day, 'Romeo Versus Juliet', which was a big budget, high profile movie, also hit the halls. Nevertheless, I got raving reviews and kind words of appreciation from a wide variety of people - from film directors to friends and relatives.

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