KUNG FURY: 31 minutes of pure ‘80s awesomeness

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31 May 2015 Movies rarely get released in their entirety on YouTube. It’s usually because they’re pretty bad or unmarketable. “Kung Fury” is none of those things. In the first five minutes it has arcade machines shooting people on the streets after showing them the finger i.e. the most awesome thing ever.

“Kung Fury” is Swedish director David Sandberg’s Kickstarter funded film featuring every ‘80s movie cliché to ever exist packed into a 31 minute runtime, and it is glorious. The movie is pure ‘80s nostalgia with a VHS-looking filter, a smooth electro-pop soundtrack and an overabundance of the colour purple.

A common misconception about movies like this is that you won’t get the jokes and references if you weren’t actually born in the ‘80s. Not true. Most of the famous movies (like all famous movies from their respective decades) from the ‘80s have influenced the film industry and entertainment in general in a lot of distinct ways, so anyone with a sufficient knowledge of pop culture can enjoy this masterpiece of camp to the fullest.

But enough with the boring facts and misconceptions. What is “Kung Fury” really about?

It’s about a cop who gains super kung fu powers when struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra. He then goes back in time to kill Hitler, the “Kung Führer”. YES.

If that was the corniest sounding sentence you’ve read all week, wait till you see the whole thing. If you’re expecting exposition of any kind, this isn’t that kind of movie. It really outdoes itself with the jokes, sometimes with intentional over-the-top one-liners to very subtle ones in the background. Speaking of one-liners, expect quotable ones every time a villain gets defeated, because it’s exactly that kind of a movie.

Giving away any more of the plot would detract from the fun, but let’s just say it involves laser dinosaurs and Thor and a policeman called Triceracop. A scene in particular where Kung Fury brawls through an army of Nazi soldiers is reminiscent of old arcade games like Street Fighter and it’s fantastic. (P.S. Gamers who liked the movie and want more should try “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon”. It also involves laser dinosaurs and endless mindless violence.)

The actors are also on point. Hitler is played by Jorma Taccone, a member of The Lonely Island. Everyone’s favourite actor David Hasselhoff also makes a cameo, contributing to the already perfect soundtrack with the song “True Survivor”. He even starred in a music video.

Watch the movie below. NOW.

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