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শনিবার, ৩১ জানুয়ারী ২০১৫

31 January 2015 The first International Sufi Music Festival 2015 concluded on January 29 at capital's Bijoy Sarani. Organised by Blues Communications, the three-day event featured an array of Sufi and traditional folk music by 12 troupes of seven countries of the world.

On the concluding day, Danish troupe Serenas set off the event, offering diverse devotional genres of music. They not only performed European interpretation of Sufi music but also presented a sub-continental melody “Damadam Mast Kalandar”, originally popularised by the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

A Spanish troupe Zik'R came next on stage to take the audience to the world of bliss with their performance of Flamenco, a genre of Spanish folk music. With a spiritual outlook, illustrious performer Karen Ruimy with other members of Zik'R delineated the philosophy of life through singing and dancing, playing guitar and hand-claps. Ruimy, an avid reader and admirer of the Sufi masters and teachers such as Rumi, was on musical high, as her brisk footwork in a riveting tap dance mesmerised the attendees.

Labik Kamal Gaurob was the penultimate performer of the night. Starting with a prayer-like song of Fakir Lalon Shai, Gaurob moved on to performing a soul-searching song “Khanchar Bhetor Ochin Pakhi” of the bard. Prior to presenting the number “Bhebechho Kamar Byata”, he talked on the essence of the song. Gaurob also invited his better half Nabonita Chowdhury on stage. She also performed a Sufiyana song “Kon Naam-e Dakiley Tarey” of Lalon and a Hason Raja number “Roop Dekhilam Rey Nayone”. Later, Gaurob soulfully performed a Kala Shai song “Amar Doyal Poroshmoni Go” that was on melody and rhythm. Flautist Jalal styled his unique recital while accompanying the singer duo.Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was the highlight of the festival. The artiste, with his large troupe captivated the Dhaka music lovers performing a popular Qawwali “Allahu Allahu”, several Sufi songs and popular Bollywood film tracks. A saxophonist of the troupe set off their part playing an essence of Raga Hansadhwani. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan performed 8-guna, 16-guna and a difficult 7-guna speedy sargam taan amid his presentations. Amongst the film tracks he performed, the elated audience produced rounds of applause while the master rendered “Surili Ankhion Waley”, “Koyi Bole”, “O Rey Piya”, “Sajda”, “Main Jahan Rahun” and more. The lead guitarist once immaculately played the melody of Raga Yaman and the saxophonist too beautified the recital set on the same raga. Later, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan rendered “Jia Dhadak Dhadak”, and closed with Nusrat Fateh Ali Kha records “Tumhe Dil Lagi” and “Dum Mast Qalandar Ali Ali”.

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