State can uphold Father's legacy… Nurjahan Alim

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24 September 2014 Daughter of legendary folk singer Abdul Alim, Nurjahan Alim is walking in her father's footsteps. Immersed in folk music since her childhood, she recently released her debut album to a warm response from music lovers. The folk singer spoke to The Daily Star about her new project in a recent conversation.

Tell us about your new album...

Nurjahan Alim: My album, titled “Majhi”, features seven tracks. Although music lovers of our time don't receive such albums warmly, it has hit the audio market on a positive note. Moreover, I have tried to sing the songs with dedication.

Why has it taken so long to release your debut album?

Nurjahan Alim: As it has a classical touch, it took time to put the album together. Besides, I wanted my album to reflect my father's devotion to music.

Do you a plan to release an album of your father's songs?

Nurjahan Alim: Definitely, for my own solace. As the daughter of such an illustrious father, it is also my duty to spread his songs among the new generation within and outside the country.

How did you learn to sing?

Nurjahan Alim: I grew up listening to my father's songs and entered the music world encouraged by my elder brother Zahir Alim. I participated in Natun Kuri and Kalakakoli of Bangladesh Betar. I trained with Zahir as he taught music those days. I also learnt classical music from Anup Barua of Chhayanaut.

What is the one thing that your father told you that you still carry with you?

Nurjahan Alim: In his lifetime, he said in an interview, “No one can be a real artiste without proper practice,” and I believe this philosophy with my heart and soul.

At what stage did you decide to become a singer?

Nurjahan Alim: I dreamt of being a dancer as a child. Later, I decided to become a singer as all my family members are involved in the world of music.

Have all of your father's songs and music been preserved?

Nurjahan Alim: He rendered over 500 songs, half of which was in Bangladesh Betar and the rest in Pakistan Radio. We tried to collect these songs. The government can definitely help preserve my father's songs. I hope that his songs continue to be heard for centuries to come.

What is your dream as a singer?

Nurjahan Alim: I want to sing all my life. Besides folk music, I hope to render modern songs. Also, I want to sing my father's songs and do some good works inspired by him. I wish to win everyone's hearts through music.

To whom do you attribute your success?

Nurjahan Alim: Definitely my family. Today I'm known to people because of them. I also want to thank my husband Hisab Khatib Khan Babu, in particular, for my album seeing the light of day.

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