Musical Homage to Feroza Begum

বৃহস্পতিবার, ১৮ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০১৪

18 September 2014 Artistes of Nazrul Sangeet Shilpi Parishad (NSSP) paid musical homage to Feroza Begum, the recently deceased legendary Nazrul Sangeet artiste and exponent, at a programme titled “Ami Chirotorey Dur-e Chole Jabo”, held at Indira Road, Dhaka on September 16.

Noted artiste Dalia Nausheen set off the soiree with a musical tribute to the legend. She also shared her memories of the exponent prior to performing the song “Gaanguli Mor”.

Noted singer and general secretary of NSSP Sujit Mustafa performed a nostalgic song “Gobhir Nishithe Ghum Bhenge Jaye”. “Feroza Begum has a unique voice and rendition style. She is an all-time great artiste of Nazrul Sangeet in the world,” said Sujit Mustafa before his performance. Shaheed Kabir Palash, with his apt rendition of the song “Sur-e O Banir Mala Diye”, evoked the essence of raga Pilu at the soiree.

Renowned singer Yasmin Mushtari said, “Feroza Begum is a versatile singer. I have rarely heard such a melodious voice. All the genres of Nazrul Sangeet including raga-based and ghazal compositions have received a new lease of life through her magical voice.” The artiste later presented the song “Khela Shesh Holo”, Nazrul's last but not the least composition.

Seasoned singer Rumi Ajnabi melodically performed a song “Nirojan-e Sakhi Bolo Bo(n)dhuarey”. Melody also reigned supreme in the presentation of a baitalik song “Shunno Buk-e Pakhi Mor”, performed by Sheikh Jasim.

Rebeka Sultana sang “Chaitali Cha(n)dni Raat-e” while AKM Shahjahan Patwari rendered “Ami Chirotorey Dur-e Chole Jabo”. Tagore singer Shimu Dey also performed a melodious song “Amar Nayone Nayon Rakhi”. Among others, Ashish Kumar Sarkar, Sucharita Roy, Alpana Roy, Uttamkumar Roy and Selina Afroz presented solos at the event.

সর্বশেষ আপডেট বুধবার, ৩০ নভেম্বর -১ ০৬:০০
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