Pandit Tushar Dutta's pristine performance at Arts Precinct

শনিবার, ১৩ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০১৪

13 September 2014 The Daily Star-Bengal Arts Precinct turned into a hearty congregation of classical music connoisseurs on Thursday evening, as Pandit Tushar Dutta enthralled a discerning audience. Bengal Foundation and The Daily Star, in association with Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, Dhaka organised the recital as part of the Indian government's cultural exchange activity.

Editor and publisher of The Daily Star, Mahfuz Anam urged all to observe a one-minute silence in memory of Legendary Nazrul artiste and exponent Feroza Begum. In his welcome address, he delineated the joint efforts of The Daily Star and Bengal Foundation in making the Arts Precinct and The Daily Star centre a hub of arts and culture, hosting such programmes on a regular basis. Nazrul exponent and Editor of Star Arts and Entertainment, Sadya Afreen Mallick introduced the featured artiste with the audience. She also directed the entire event.

Tushar Dutta, originally from Natore, Bangladesh, achieved the highest grade (Pandit) from All India Radio, India in 2013. He is amongst the most celebrated and popular classical vocalist of Kolkata, India. As a renowned scholar of ITC-Sangeet Research Academy (SRA), India, he is immensely talented and was trained under some of the greatest Gurus of ITC-SRA.

“I am fascinated and very happy to be here at The Daily Star Centre that really has a musical ambience. I am dedicating my performance to the legendary Nazrul Sangeet artiste and exponent Feroza Begum,” said Pandit Tushar Dutta.

Speedy yet clear aakar taan, fabulous murki, exquisite pukar and perfect pitch quality, strong command over all aspects of laya, rhythm and shruti, evoking the desired mood and emotions -- have created the hallmark of Pandit Tushar Dutta's music. The maestro showcased all the aspects of offerings in his entire performance.

Blending the traditional gayaki of two prominent graranas -- Agra (prominent for upholding exquisite and pure melody) and Kirana (famous for styling exclusive bistar of any raga) -- coupled with his love for styling special musical phraseology – soothed the audience's hearts at the soiree. The delivery of his pukar was spread across the octaves, showing great command over voice.

The Pandit set off his musical voyage with Shudh Kalyan, a prayer raga that follows the chalan of raga Bhupali in ascending and raga Yaman in descending. It is a spiritual rendition of classical music. An eternal appeal of not reaching God was expressed in his performance. His bandish presentations, distinctive styling of melodic game and a devotional entreaty were outstanding. Tushar Dutta embellished the special features, especially the pukar, of Raga Shudh Kalyan.

His presentation of vilambit bandish “Ali Mohe Manawan Aye” (on vilambit ektaal) and a famous traditional bandish “Bajo Rey Bajo Mandelara” (teentaal) generated a musical mahol that seemingly engaged the music lovers. Each and every movement of the raga evoked devotional rapture.

His offering of a spring-time sweet raga Kaunshik Dhwani seemed intoxicating. The excerpts of the bandish “Aj Hoon Na Aye Balamauwa”, set on madhyalaya teentaal, had a feminine emotive plea and the way Tushar Dutta performed was very engaging. According to vaishnava philosophy, exclusively popularised by Sri Chaitanya Dev, we all represent the earthy soul (Radha) and soulfully serenade to unite with the eternal soul (Krishna). His presentation that he portrayed through the raga captured that essence beautifully.

Later, the artiste performed a tarana set on raga Bageshree on drut teentaal. Tushar, in his rendition of the raga, displayed the ecstatic ups and down of melody.

Other aspects of his performance traced akar taan, meend, bolbut and mellifluous gamak, weaving a garland with an eight-guna taan, touching notes on all three octaves.

Pandit Tushar Dutta next performed Nazrul Sangeet “Amar Aponar Cheye Apon Je Jon” and “Porodeshi Megh”. He also performed one of his album (Birohini Chand) songs “Rimjhim Boroshate Keno Ele Na”. Tushar's childhood friend Ustad Rshid Khan composed the raga-based classic (Desh Malhar). Pandit Tushar Dutta wrapped up the soiree with a Meera bhajan “Jo Tum Todo Piya” on kaharba taal.

Goutam Sarker on tabla, Bizon Chandra Mistry on harmonium and Dr. Jagodananda Roy and Aloke Kumar Sen on tanpura accompanied the maestro's musical flight.

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