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06 September 2014 Farah Ruma's career in the media started from a very early age. Along the line, she has had the privilege of working on television with prominent actors like Humayun Faridi, Zahid Hassan, Touqir Ahmed, Mahfuz Ahmed, Apurbo, Iresh Zaker and many others. She has worked with acclaimed directors like Afzal Hossain, Ferdous Hossain Rana, and Giasuddin Selim, just to name a few. Ruma is as glamorous today as she was decades ago when she first came to the limelight and people who know Ruma for a long time ask her the same question every time, “How did you manage to stop the clock?”

People say that “friends” within the media is a very superficial term. Do you agree?
Yes, a lot of people here may claim to be your friends, but they harbour a lot of envy, jealousy, and vindictive feelings. They are quite diplomatic and in constant competition with their “friends”. They all aspire to establish themselves onscreen even if it is through sabotaging others. This may not necessarily be the case for everyone. Friendship is a much dearer term to me and holds much deeper qualities and requirements. I can tell easily who are not going to be my true friends. For that reason I actually have very few friends.

This cold war with fellow actors - does this frustrate you ever?
Very much so, and I've had to deal with a lot of hardships due to it. Sometimes I've even felt that the media is not for me because people here judge with their minds, not with their hearts. For me it is the opposite; I tend to be extremely emotional and judge friendships with my heart. But I am able to effectively channel the emotions arising from my personal life into my work, which helps me enrich my acting. And though I've mentioned I have a few friends, those few from within my family and family friends play a major role in my life, and I believe I truly carry the blessings bestowed upon me by my elders.

I find it surprising how you've remained in the media for so long without getting involved in any scandals or relationship troubles that people are aware of.
I've faced this question many times before; some people have appreciated how I've kept myself from getting entangled in such things throughout such a long career. It's difficult to believe there has been no significant other in my life, and so most people believe I've managed to skillfully hide my partners from the public eye. Scandals indicate something negative or undesirable that the audience won't appreciate, and there actually has been nothing of that sort in my life. But I've always been a little reserved about my personal life. I do have a significant other who people are probably unaware of because he is not in the media. As I've lightly mentioned in earlier interviews, he is a businessman residing abroad and we get to meet each other occasionally. The relationship has progressed a lot, but there are a few complications in my personal life for which we are not being able to celebrate it formally yet. But I will definitely keep my fans updated if anything formal does happen!

Has it ever crossed your mind that had you been romantically involved with a director/producer in the industry, your career would've progressed faster?
Such cases are quite common in this scene, but my relationships have always been outside the media (not intentionally). But I have had a healthy professional relationship with everyone I've worked with.

You've admitted that you're not very diplomatic; yet you have managed to continue successfully on this line for so long. How was that possible?
I've tried to utilize my potential and capability to the full extent. But I would've had to struggle a lot less if the hurdles mentioned earlier were not present. I stand where I am today solely due to my own diligence. People I've worked with should certainly be acknowledged for my success, but you won't find a single person who's significantly backed me up. My fame cannot be accredited to anything other than my sincerity and hard work. So I believe it is possible for anyone in the media to establish themselves without taking any shortcuts; it might take a little longer but it is certainly achievable.

Are their any critically acclaimed directors/ actors that you haven't had the opportunity to work with but would like to?
Since I've been in the industry for a long time, I've had the privilege of working with more or less every well-known people, including co-stars as well as directors from our time (senior directors). Among co-stars, I've worked with Humayun Faridi, Zahid Hassan, Touqir Ahmed, Mahfuz Ahmed, Apurbo, Iresh Zaker, and other prominent people from seniors to juniorsl. Among directors, I started with the senior ones like Afzal Hossain and Ferdous Hossain Rana. I haven't worked with all the newer directors yet. But I've done work with pretty much all the senior ones. Giasuddin Selim is my favourite director. But I would absolutely love to work with Amitabh Reza and Mostafa Sarwar Farooki. I have a very good relationship with Amitabh Reza and often talk to him about my work. But I haven't had the chance to actually work with him mainly because he directs very few pieces (maybe about one every Eid). And Mostafa Sarwar Farooki has his own “Gharana” or unique style of work or type of characters. My character does not quite fall into that pattern since people mostly see me in relatively serious roles. It could even be that Farooki hasn't yet asked me to work with him because he hasn't found a role suitable for me. But if Amitabh Reza starts directing more pieces, I may hopefully end up working with him soon.

If you had the chance to, which foreign actors would you work with?
Will Smith! He is one of my favorites; so is Shah Rukh Khan. There are many others on the list, but those dreams will remain dreams. It's unlikely that I will ever have the chance to work with them.

Are there any specific characters that you would like to portray?
It is common for actresses to wish to portray strong female characters especially from novels. I have also given a lot of effort acting in similar roles, but we often get lost in the crowd of TV channels these days. Personally a role I would like to portray is that of a pregnant lady. I've done so before but that was for a single short scene in passing; I would like to play the role throughout an entire drama.

Who are your favourite actresses here/abroad?
I appreciate Aupi Karim whose acting seems very natural to me, and Jaya Ahsan because of her diversity. And of course Shomi Kaiser, Bipasha Hayat, Shuborna Mustafa, Ferdousi Mazumdar – we all grew up loving their work.

The sea of TV channels in Bangladesh is not easy to navigate. How would you say artists today might deal with making sure their talents are not lost in process?
It is definitely much difficult now than it was earlier on, but if artists are persistent; their dedication will eventually shine through. I admit it is extremely frustrating; directors and actors/actresses alike are becoming less and less motivated to produce good work. They may be pouring a lot of hard work behind bringing out good material and lobbying for proper coverage, but due to closer relationships with some TV channels, some other people are simultaneously being able to push mediocre work forward. It is essential for every TV channel to tackle this problem because many of our television viewers are moving away from our shows towards neighboring countries' media. Moreover, I am personally calling out to The Daily Star and other newspapers to give priority to covering and promoting the work of established and potential artists whose production are not receiving the kind of exposure they deserve.

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Interviewed by Rafi Hossain and narrated by Ahmed Adib

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