Tribute to Tagore

সোমবার, ১১ আগস্ট ২০১৪

11 August 2014 To mark the 73rd death anniversary of Tagore, Bengal Foundation organised “Moromey Bajey”, a musical and recitation programme at Dhanmondi's Bengal Shilpalaya, Dhaka on August 9. Eminent elocutionist Bhashwar Bandopadhyay set off the event by reciting a Tagore poem dedicating to Atul Prasad Sen. He also recited several popular poems composed by the bard. Bhashwar's fair diction, expression of fitting emotions and artistic motion made the audience take the essence of Tagore creations – “Dui Pakhi”, “Jhulan”, “Sonar Tori”, “Duhsomoy” and a poem-song “Emon O Din-e Tarey Bola Jaye”.

Noted artiste and director general of Bengal Foundation, Luva Nahid Choudhury came next to perform songs of three poets – Atul Prasad Sen, DL Roy and Rajanikanta Sen. Luva Nahid predominantly performed musical numbers composed by Atul Prasad who enriched the gamut of Bangla music composing thumri, dadra, tappa and kheyal-ang songs. The artiste started off her rendition with offering “Ke Abar Bajaye Banshi”. Her presentation of a baul/kirttan-ang song “Orey Bon Tor Bijoney” was immaculate too, as were a DL Roy tappa “E Jogotey Ami Boroi Eka”, an Atul Prasad's kajri “Badol Raat-e Tora Aaye Go Ke Jhulibi” and “Amar Ghum Bhangano Chand”. Prior to performing a Rajanikanta song “Bela Je Phuraye Jaye”, Luva Nahid Chowdhury said, “Today I feel the absence of Subir'da (Subir Chowdhury). He is illuminated in our everyday deeds. I recall his memories with grief.” The artiste wrapped up her part with performing a Bhairvi genre “Bol Taharey Bhulibo Kemone”. The baitalik song seemingly impressed all, thanks to the flute accompaniment by Md. Moniruzzaman.

Celebrated Tagore artiste Aditi Mohsin marveled the audience with her repertoire of Bard's pooja and prem parjaya songs, along with several monsoon melodies. The singer's musical devotion mingled with “Ratri Eshey Jethaye Meshey”. Aditi Mohsin poured all her passion while she got immersed in the melodic sea of the song “Roop Sagor-e Dub Diyechhi”. The rendition was aesthetic terrific.

The artiste's presentation of another pooja parjaya song “Aji Bijon Ghor-e Nishith Raat-e” was splendid. Aditi Mohsin next sang a prem parjaya song “Mon-e Ki Dwidha Rekhe Gele Chole”. Her performance of a baitalik song “Aji Jhorer Raat-e” was also splendid. She gripped the precise melody of the song and enthralled the audience with her immaculate rendition. Her repertoire also included “Oi Malati Lata Dol-e”, “Megh-er Porey Megh Jomechhe” and “Amar Din Phuralo”.

Komol Khalid (harmonium), Iftekhar Dollar and Subir Das (tabla), Nazmul Alam Jhoru (percussion), Iftekhar Shohel (keyboard), Md. Moniruzzaman (flute) and Sunil Das (violin) accompanied the performances.

সর্বশেষ আপডেট বুধবার, ৩০ নভেম্বর -১ ০৬:০০
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